My mission Statement

My mission statement is very simple:

Dear people of God, I am so sorry for the way Jesus Christ is being preached and or presented to you by ministers, pastors and so forth.

It is only by the grace and mercy of God Almighty that we all exist for a season. My hope with this web site is to be open about myself and also present to the world who Jesus Christ is as the son of God Almighty the Father of us all.

There are over 4000 different religions in the earth today and so only by the Spirit of God in Jesus name can one come to know the real and only truth about God’s salvation to humanity in His son Jesus Christ.

So with that said, I would like to ask your forgiveness with those I have hurt, judged wrongfully, and seen as a hypocrite in Orlando, Florida, Bergenfield, New Jersey and in Mahomet, Illinois.

I spent many years in a church system that caused me to believe lies in the teaching I was under. And became a minister of false teachings.

So if at anytime you who know me ever see me ministering, please be strong and face me in front of where I am. So you can tell me the wrong I have done to you publicly. To those that I hurt with very deep scares within your heart, I hope God will restore us again in Jesus name.

To the one family that we sinned against so mightily and wickedly, I am so very sorry. May God Almighty be your strength since we last saw you Orlando, Florida. No words or actions that Sandra and I can say will ever bring you comfort.

My mission in life is to help as many as God Almighty will allow me to help in ministering the Lord Jesus Christ the way it was meant to be.

What I say you can not hear, what I do speaks loud and clear.