Getting to know IEM

There is no better way than to just get to the point about this ministry.

I do not profess to express what I believe nor have a mission statement in order to establish the reason for coming up with the name In Earth Ministries. Simply to state: Jesus Christ is the son of God Almighty the Father of us all. God Almighty is who I intent to speak about and to reveal that without confessing one’s sin and accepting Jesus in your heart as Saviour one is lost even though you are living.

So with that said, I guess the statement that I wish to establish is: I am so sorry for the way Jesus is being preached within church (walls) by Pastor’s and ministers. I really am sorry.

Before I explain the reason for my bold statement there is something very important one needs to understand. First you must understand that God Almighty is sovereign over everything seen, everything that exists, visible or invisible. Nothing can happen to any person unless He allows it to happen. The devil, Satan can not do anything unless the Father allows it so. In the Old Testament God said these words: Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but is shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall proper in the thing whereto I sent it. Verse 10 states that the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and it does not return to the heavens, but produces. The rain and snow falls on the just and unjust of mankind.

So the reason bad things happen to us is because of the condition of ones heart in regards to the order God Almighty has spoken to all in his word. False doctrine is the very thing that is crippling the body of Christ in being totally obedient to the sovereignty of God Almighty in Christ Jesus. Now those that are not saved they have no understanding when it comes to the words written in the bible (KJV). And it is only God almighty that draws people to Jesus Christ. How? By them that are saved, not only Pastors or ministers, but the general body of Christ. One reason many of the worldly people do not want anything to do with Jesus is because of the way we act and the condition the church (walls) are in. Of which I state and proclaim, I do not blame them for not wanting anything to do the church (wall) system. Take note that it is a system I am against, and I am so sadden and broken that many are rejecting what has been said by others and even myself in bring forth God’s Word of Life.

There is so much more to say but I just want to establish God Almighty. God gave man the power of choice. He stated to man to chose blessings or curses as one lives his or her years upon the earth. We all need to understand that it is His breath of life for living and He alone can take life away. Not Satan. So then I have been so thankful to God for bringing me to a place in life to understand Him by granting His salvation in Jesus Christ and rejecting false doctrine that has entered into my heart and life. Have I walked uprightly since I became born again? There are many regrets and deep scares that I have allowed to occur since February 3, 1983 which is the day I came to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. Since it was God who opened my heart and revealing that my wrongful ways before Him were do to only one conclusion: choices I have made.

But when it pleased the Father to open my heart and truly reveal His plan for mankind and His son Jesus Christ the way it was meant to be. I can only continue to express truth that will help whomsoever will listen. But remember, it is only God Almighty the Father of us all that can bring you the reader to an understanding for blessing mankind in giving us His son Jesus Christ. God Almighty is and has been opening many peoples heart to come to obedience in serving Him through Jesus Christ His only begotten son the way it was meant to be.

God is bringing forth or resurrecting true Shepherds to reveal His plan for mankind and His flock the way it was meant to be. Church (walls) have reached a place that is not pleasing to God and many people are going to begin to see the real truth found in the Bible. And I am one that will only read and quote from the King James Version. I am one that has experienced church (walls) for 18 years and have been closely involved with well known Pastor’s and ministers. For the past 15 years I have stayed away from returning to a system that is totally out of control.

God Almighty is turning the tables over, do to the fact that many Pastor’s and ministers have lost sight of their first love with preaching doctrines that are not so taught by them that wrote the words we read in the bible (KJV)!

Am I saying the are not saved? God forbid, but they are saved yet many are going to enter heaven with much loss as the scriptures reveal. Not only the preachers but also the flock of Christ that are listening and believing all that is being said within church (walls).

So there remains a factual statement for us all: God Almighty is the one that is going to do a (spiritual) heart operation if you will with some people. Why? It is for His purpose and for His will. Why? Because of his love for his creation. God Almighty said, He will have mercy on whom he will have mercy and he hardens whom he hardens. Why? As stated before, because of the condition of ones heart in rejecting Jesus Christ the Lord of all. For no man can come to the Father unless he is drawn. All mankind will and has been given an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ unto salvation.

May those who read this take to heart that we all have a soul. That soul belongs to you, not anyone else and it does not belong to Pastor’s or ministers. You have control over it as the Father wills it so.

A time or a season has come as it has been revealed many times before by many others that have been lead by the Spirit of God to reveal truth. These messengers of old time have also been rejected by many. Why? Because they have refused to compromise the Word of God in just submitting to a church (wall) system that is not of God Almighty in Jesus name.

Remember that you have a choice to chose as God Almighty wills. It is so sad that we can’t come to the unity of the Spirit of God and that because of doctrine. How is it that we read the Bible and yet we are so scattered and fragmented. But be it made known that God Almighty has for Himself a body of people that are living with the real truth revealed in His Word. I am saying I am all there, God forbid, but I can say by His mercy and grace that I have been given an opportunity to see the wrong in my heart, reject false doctrine and seek Him while he may be found.

Therefore when we all stand before the Lord of Glory, no one can say they did not have an opportunity to be obedient to the Word of Life. This life that we know is coming to an end. May you be one that will be drawn by God Almighty to obey and stand alone even if others (church walls) say you are wrong.

Choice is yours as God allows you to see and hear in your heart. Remember it is your soul that needs an awaking. Hope I have been a helpmate with your spiritual well being.

In Jesus name.